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Awesomely Organized: 15 Trendy To Do Lists

Free To Do List Printable + Chore Charts via @poshlittle

I've never been a To Do List person. I would tackle things here and there as I remembered them (which was usually at the last minute or too late). But now as a dutiful housewife and mother of 6 *4 kids plus 2 dogs* the only way to get anyone where they are supposed to be or anything finished is to write it down.

One of the biggest perks of creating to-do lists, outside of getting organized and getting things done, is that it gets all of those To-Do's out of your head! Instead of having a myriad of tasks floating around in your brain through out the day, you have one thing to remember and that is the list. You can worry about the details when you check your list.

Above: Posh*Little Chore Chart Pack (19 pages with Grocery & To-Do Lists for mom).

Mothers With Attitude To Do Lists via@poshlittle
Pictured above from MA! motherhood with attitude: To Do List ($5.75).

So of course, in true Posh Little fashion, if you're going to have a To Do List adorning your desk, fridge or counter top... it has to be a stylish, hip, funky or cool looking To Do List! I've rounded up some hip ready-made and printable To Do Lists.

Awesomely Organized: 15 Trendy To Do Lists

Pictured above: 1) Kate Spade Short List Pad ($7); 2) To Do Notepad  ($4); 3) Things to Do Pocket Notes ($5.50); 4) momAgenda To Do List Pad ($7.95)

Awesomely Organized: 15 Trendy To Do Lists

Pictured above: 1) To Much To Do ($7); 2) Kate Sutton My Checklist Magnetic Pad ($5); 3) Striped Weekly To Do List Notepad ($4.95).

Awesomely Organized: 15 Trendy To Do Lists via @poshlittle

Pictured above from Etsy: 1) The Almost Done To Do List ($9); 2) Octopus To Do List ($8); 3) To Do Today ($8); 4) Magnetic To Do List Notepad ($5.50); 5) The Freakin Never Ending ToDo list notepad (now a free download).

Fred And Friends To Do Tattoo via @poshlittle

Pictured above from Fred: To-Do Tattoo; discontinued :-(

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