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BundleMe! Coats & Blankets Need Not Apply

I subscribe the theory that with each child, you kind of get a do-over. You get to start fresh and do things a little differently than you did last time around. That goes for clothes, gear, schedules, etc.

With all my kids, one of my least favorite things to do is get them in and out of their infant car seats. But I can't not use one so I am really glad I discovered the Bundle Me. It's like a sleeping bag you attach to your car seat or stroller and it makes it so easy to get baby out of the house. No need for a coat or blanket! That's a really big deal for me now that I have 4 kids. Even the smallest of trips is a giant chore so things need to be easy breezy.

JJ Cole BundleMe Infant Car Seat Cover

I picked a pink one up at my local Babies R Us for $39.99. Amazon.Com has many more choices, but it's a few dollars more there. It's a soft and sweet color that covers my boyish hand-me-down bucket seat nicely and was perfect for my new arrival back in March (we had a very cold spring).

At the time, I hadn't realized that a friend had already given me a cream colored one that was still in pretty good condition. I had no intention on returning my pink one so it worked out perfectly when I saw that I could put it on the stroller too. They should sell a two pack!

BundleMe - 8 color choices @ Amazon.Com

Since this year my kids were all on different school and bus schedules, little Hadley and I were constantly in and out of the car or going back and forth to the bus stop in with the stroller. 5 different times throughout the day, to be exact. Having the BundleMe made my myriads of trips way easier since I didn't have to dress up/down Hadley each time. I would just scoop her up in whatever she was wearing and put her in the stroller because her BundleMe kept her plenty warm. It was a life saver.

Now that it's summer, I am excited to see that there is a lite version and since a toddler version as well for next year!

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