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Eco Friendly Natural Wooden Cutlery & Plates That Any Baby Will Love

Eco Friendly Natural Wooden Cutlery & Plates That Any Baby Will Love

While I couldn't imagine the bulk that a whole set of these would take up (to feed my four kids at least) I would still love to see these adorable and eco-friendly wooden spoon & fork sets and customization plates adorn my little ones table. From across the pond, let me introduce you to Blue Brontide organic baby accessories. 

Wooden Elephant Baby Spoon & Fork Set
Wooden Rabbit Baby/Child's Plate

​Choose your mood! While adding a plate to your cart, you'll be able to select an expression.

Cloud Silicone Placemat
Wooden Rabbit Baby/Child's Plate

​Lazy mom warning! The wooden items come with a lot of DO NOT'S:

  • Do not place item in oven, microwave or freezer
  • Do not place item in dishwasher
  • Do not soak in water, wipe clean after use
  • Do not use with highly acidic food
They're so sweet though. I think I would put up with a little extra work and care to make meal time more pleasant. 
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Monday, 29 May 2017

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