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Flower Power! My Favorite Baby Bath

It's Rad! Pink Blooming Bath

I am obsessed with this baby bath. It's not a tub but makes bathing infants in the sink cozy and so easy. How do I describe this? It's like putting a pillow in the sink! It's very worthy of the Posh Little It's Rad Award.

I'm on baby #4 now so bath time is not what it used to be. It's rarely part of our bedtime routine and generally just something that happens after I finish filling the dishwasher and happen to have an empty sink.

Yellow Blooming Bath

I need something quick and easy that makes bathing the baby in the sink not so cumbersome. That's why I love the Blooming Bath. I used to have to run water for a little while so the sink basin wasn't so cold and of course I would be on edge making sure Hadley wouldn't slip and hit her head. Now there are no cold or hard spots because the Blooming Bath fills the sink and covers the entire basin. Our sink is larger than what's pictured. She's a little over a year now and she loves it (and gets a longer bath now too).

I find clean up is way easier than with a standard sink infant tub like this one from Target which I purchased and hated. When I'm done giving her a bath I throw it in the dryer. The older kids steal it all the time to use as a pillow and ask if they can have it when Hadley's to big for it. I have several pregnant friends who have already asked for me to pass it down to them. They'll have to fight my kids for it!

Love it. Love it. Love it! Comes in pink, yellow and blue for $40 @ BloomingBath.Com

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