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Getting Pumped For Mothers Day With Proflowers & #MothersDayMovie

Getting Pumped For Mothers Day With Proflowers & #MothersDayMovie

I can't even remember the last time I went to a theater to see a movie. Oh, wait. I can. I had to leave because my 3 year old was freaking out about how crowded it was. He's 12 now *yikes*. ​Well I finally ventured out with hubby to an actual movie theater. Poor guy, of course it was a chick flick. It was date night, though, and it's the togetherness that counts. Right?

I thought Mother's Day was really cute. I love Kate Hudson and Jennifer Aniston. They were so funny. I found myself giggling the majority of the movie and even tearing up a bit so I thoroughly enjoyed it. I know my husband would rather have gone to see Deadpool but he remained in his seat, giggled his way through just like me and never flashed a single stink eyes my way. Ergo, I think he liked it too. Even if secretly.

​Before I saw the movie I received this amazing bouquet from ProFlowers. Or my "secret boyfriend" as my husband stated when he came home to flowers delivered not by him. This is their official Mother's Day Movie bouquet that's appears in the movie. I searched for it during the movie like playing Where's Waldo? but never spotted it. I'm IN LOVE with it anyway. 

This is by far the prettiest vase I've ever received or given as part of a bouquet.  I'm redoing my tween girls room in these colors (teal & gold) so this may make it's way up to their room when my flowers have passed on but it will be hard to share it. It's my new favorite.

The bouquet contains 8 freshly cut pink roses, Peruvian lilies, and asters. 4 days later they are vibrant, healthy and beautiful. I'm betting they'll be pretty for at least week at the rate they are going, if not longer. Make sure to use the included food w/your bouquet and follow the instructions to keep your bouquet thriving and lasting longer.

Find this lovely Mother's Day (Movie) Bouquet with Teal Vase at ProFlowers.Com for $39.98. Savings tip: When I visited that page a 20% off coupon was offered for signing up for their newsletter.

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Jeff Mccoy on Friday, 29 April 2016

really mom deserves gifts and your gift idea is unique thanks for giving this idea, i definitely try this once thanks you.

really mom deserves gifts and your gift idea is unique thanks for giving this idea, i definitely try this once thanks you.
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