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It's All Mustaches & Cake Pops These Days

It's All About Cake Pops & Mustaches

I used to spend my quiet mornings blogging or catching up on other baby blogs (they are addicting). Then, probably in a wine induced moment, I decided to start a few new project to help my fellow mom bloggers share their blogs. So, in addition to this blog, I now also run the super popular Top Mommy Blogs & Top Baby Bogs directories. This gives me (and you) a front row seat to some of the coolest blogs as well as what's buzzing in parenthood.

Today, while checking out the new members, there were two topics that seemed to be dominating the front pages of many of them. I didn't see a single Peep in site on the Easter posts this year because they were eaten by Cake Pops! Along with Cake Pops, mustache knickknacks were everywhere. And nope, not a single post about Tom Selleck. Just mustache onsies, mustache mugs and even mustache wall decals!

Shown above: Mustache Wall Decal (left of top photo; $19.95); Mustache Onsie (top right of top photo; $20); Easter Bunny Cake Pops by Bakerella; Hipster Mustache Octopus Dress (left of 2nd photo; $48); Mustache Pacifier (top right of 2nd  photo; $7); Organic Mustache Maternity Shirt (bottom right of 2nd photo; $18).

Mustache Necklace

Mustache Corkscrew - Wine & Bottle Opener

Mustache Bandages

Shown above: Mustache Necklace ($14); Mustache Corkscrew ($11.95);  Mustache Pacifier (top left of 5th photo; $5); Mustache Party Banner (bottom left of 5th photo; $30); Mustache Tote (right of 5th photo; $20) ; Mustache Bandages ($3.99).

Mrs Potts (tea pot) Cake Pops

What You Need For Mrs Potts Cake Pops

If you haven't heard of Cake Pops then you must check out Bakerella's website and book. She has created these amazing and adorable mini cake on a stick treats and shares all about the process on her website and book. I've attempted these once but overdid the frosting and ended up eating everything out of a bowl. Not cute but they were still really yummy. I need to get the book!

Cake Pops - The Book!

Of course you would think these two topics have nothing to do with each other. That is until you stumble on over to 1 Fine Cookie...

1 Fine Cookie Mustache Cake Pops

1 Fine Cookie Mustache Cake Pops

Thanks Jasmin for totally justifying my scattered post! Get step by step instructions on how to put together these quirky treats on

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