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Locker Decor: Yes It's A Thing

Locker Decor: Yes It's A Thing

With back to school comes so many new adventures and changes. This year 2 of my kids are at the same middle school that I went to back in yesteryear. It's the same old school but things are bit more sparkly and fun. For example, in my day, one of the most exciting accessories was my LeSportsac pencil pouch. I toted everything and could care less about my locker. There was a very specific way in which to stack your binder, books and pencil pouch so your LeSportsac was always at the top. It was an epic pyramid. But that was a simpler time.

The ultimate pencil pouch of the 90's. The classic two zipper pouch can still be found (mine was red and white).

I tried to find my daughter a cool LeSportsac to really set her off right at middle school this year but she hissed at me and instead asked for an iPhone 6. What what what? And a magnetic locker holder for when she wasn't carrying it. And a chandelier. And a matching rug. At this point my mind was blown. 6th graders need cell phones and locker chandeliers? Apparently they do! Oh the humanity.

So this took me a little bit but after upgrading my cell phone plan and doing a little back to school shopping I was snapped out of yesteryear and ready to bling out the kids lockers. Thanks to a plethora of swanky new locker accessories, preparing your locker for the year has really been stepped up. It's pretty silly but actually pretty fun.

We checked out several places for locker accessories. Here are some of the items that caught our attention...

  1. ​Pottery Barn Teen Locker Essentials Pocket (Seize The Day)
  2. Pottery Barn Teen Gear-Up Dry Erase Pocket​  (Preppy Rings​)
  3. Pottery Barn Teen Chandelier (Pink)
  4. Pottery Barn Teen Locker Rug (Teal Dottie)
  5. Pottery Barn Teen Wallpaper (Preppy Diamond Gray​)
  1. Locker Style™ Disco Ball ​ (Gold)
  2. Locker Style™ Accessories Chandelier (Silver​)
  3. Ubrands Magnetic Clothes Pin Clips-Retro  (Retro)
  4. Locker Style™ Large Oval Mirror (Gold Frame​)
  5. Locker Style™ Accessories Beaded Curtain  (Diamonds)
  1. Locker Culture Locker Shelf​ (Pink)
  2. Locker Lounge™ Magnetic Antler Hook (Mint Green)
  3. Locker Lounge™ Plush Shag Rug​ (Pink)
  4. Locker Lounge™ Chandelier (Mint Green)
  5. Locker Lounge™ Magnetic Locker Mirror​ (Pink)
  6. Locker Lounge™ Aluminum Storage Trash Can (Mint Green)
While we were drawn in with the more gaudy locker accessories, my daughter ultimately chose more modern and simple items like the chandelier below (which is much cuter than I thought it would be). The pendent light is magnetic and motion activated so it only turns on when the locker is opened then automatically turns off. It was only about $10 in store and most of the back to school and locker stuff is clearance by now. Not that that really justifies a locker chandelier but it did in the moment.

By now most of the locker accessories are hard to find in store (we had the best luck at Office Depot). But here's a tip! You're searching for magnetic items. You'd be surprised how many are still in store just not by the school supplies or specifically made for lockers. Head over to the office department or even the kitchen section for things meant to stick on fridges. You'll find lots of goodies that will work great for lockers.

You can also buy strips of magnetic tape to create your own locker accessories. Stick the tape to clothes pins, cups, clipboards, etc. to DIY your own locker accessories.

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