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Perfecting The Fruit Fly Trap

Perfecting The Fruit Fly Trap

​Here and Portlandia the beautiful summer sun is fading, we are settling into our back to school routine and fall is upon us. But once I get my 4 little buggers posh littles out the door in the morning I wage a new little bugger war: fruit flies. Even though all our fruit is in the fridge, they won't go away. Getting rid of fruit flies seems impossible. 

So, like any good housewives I took to Pinterest which of course ultimately leads to mommy blogs (which everybody knows mom bloggers know the answer for everything). The majority that I was seeing with good results used and shared the funnel method

For the fruit fly funnel trap you need:

  1. ​Funnel or wax paper rolled (think ice cream cone)
  2. A glass or cup (I used my husbands Bengals beer glass)
  3. Bait (more about bait below)

You use a funnel (or funneled paper) and bait to siphon the little buggers into a cup. The funnel (small entrance/exit) makes it harder for them to escape. The first time I tried this I only got a few flies after 24 hours. The were more flies, however, hanging out on the trap and not being lured all the way in so I figured I was close but needed improvement. Time to edit!

Improve the bait & improve the trap...

I tried various bait methods: wine, white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, apple sauce, raspberry vinegar, etc. What worked best for me was apple cider vinegar. But!!!! Not just ACV out of the jar. You microwave it for about 30 seconds. It magnifies the smell and turns into a fruit fly magnet. I hear yeast works very well too but the nuked ACV is working awesome.

So after perfecting my bait, I had to improve the trap. It was tough to get a perfect seal between any of my cups/glasses and the funnel. I tried with the paper and it wasn't any better. So I used what was literally sitting right in front of me. Plastic wrap! 

Cover the top of the cup with plastic and wrap and using a knife, make a small slit just large enough for the funnel to fit through. As you can see below the funnel now rests on the plastic wrap vs. the edge of the glass and that's OK. Sealing in the smell and any gaps lures the flies to the funnel tube vs. them just hanging out on the sides of the glass. They can't cheat this way.

My results by warming up the ACV and adding the cling wrap... W/in 24 hours I've caught over 30 flies vs. 2. Trap improved! Success.

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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

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