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Ready & Organized On The Go {And Looking Like It}

I love fielding readers questions but until today, have never posted them. How selfish! So here was a great question from Wendy that is a biggie for me & my 4 kids... getting out the door.

My kids have lots of different activities like soccer and dance. I am always rushing, scattered and unfortunately, this gets reflected with the kids showing up late, disheveled and usually missing something. Any tips?


Our solution for this, which has worked wonderfully for the last few years, is to have a cute {of course} bag for each event that's packed and ready to go before hand. I spend enough time just trying to get all 4 kids in the car so it's important that they are ready when it's time to go. We do spend a little extra $$ making sure the bag is appropriately themed but the kids are way more excited about participating in keeping organized this way since the bag part of the uniform. I've used plain duffle bags and it doesn't have the same effect. There's no pride in a boring bag!

Another important aspect here is to have the kids pack their bag after each event, then hang it or store it. This is a crucial step because then when it's time to go, all they have to do is grab their bag. There's no last minute searching for ballet slippers, Girls Scout sashes, balls, tutus or anything other excuse to be late or not ready. They bring their bags with them too so they can either pack up when there done or store clothes they need to change in or out of.

I just used a cheap wooden hanging bar (from Micheals that I hand intended to paint) and double sided tape to create an easy grab-and-go (where the kids can hang/grab it themselves) rack in our downstairs closet. I will soon be upgrading to a bigger rack, like this 5 double hook rack from Ikea, since I we are having more and more activities. Just be careful to not use too hefty of a rack or you won't be able to get away with just using double sided tape. Command Hooks would be a great solution if you're renting or want to make sure you don't damage the door or wall.

So far, I've been able to get away with 1 bag that the kids can share but I have a feeling as they get older, I will have to get them each their own. But for now, 1 bag per event seems to work just fine and takes up less space. I always get compliments from other parents about how together we have it. A good thing to remember whenever you are trying to simplify a process involving kids and their stuff, everything in it's place and a place for everything.

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Friday, 25 May 2018

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