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Revisiting Shared Rooms For Girls

Revisiting Shared Rooms For Girls

I think with being one bedroom short, the shared room issue will be a continuing theme on my blog and in my house. My 3 girls have once again switched up who bunks with who and we are starting fresh decorating and situating 2 girl rooms. Again.

I'm not sure what was in the air but a few weeks ago my older daughters (9 & 10) got a whim that they should room together and give their little sister her old room back. Since the youngest wakes up the much earliest then everyone else and is very disrupting, it's not a bad idea for her to have her own space again. So we swapped my older daughter out of her solo room to bunk with the middle daughter and 5 year old Hadley moved back into her old nursery.

My last shared room round-up focused on bunk beds. This time around, my girls are insisting on the twin/single beds not being bunked so that's what I've been looking for. So we have 2 twin beds, 2 tall dressers, one night stand and one book case to squeeze into a tiny room. It's not going to be an easy task.

Each photo below links to the source with additional photos and buying guides so make sure to visit the links. There's so much more to these rooms!

If I could only get my girls to be this close. What a space saver to intersect the beds like this. A great real-world solution for small rooms via KMathiesenBrownDesign.Com
While this configuration would zap most of our floor space, I love this because it puts a dresser at the end of the bed and each kid has a light & board above their bed. They each have a zone via PotteryBarnKids.Com
This is one of my favs. The room looks about the same as ours so again, if I could get my girls to be close to each other, this would work. Our two dressers are an issue though. Click the photo to see the rest of this adorable share room tour and on Tidbits-Cami.Com
Love how this one re-creates the window on the blue side. It has a nice balance. Cick the photo to see more including links to profucts via Wayfair.Com
This is a must see room tour (click the photo above) via Lay Baby Lay. It's a twin bed kids room at Nana's. It's pretty amazing. The mint Larkin beds from Land of Nod are so sweet. We are in the tween phase so my girls wouldn't like this but I had to share it!
Now this is more up my girls alley. The regal canopy just screams tween queen! I'm not a purple fan but this would work much better then headboards for my girls beds since they are uneven from being de-bunked. And so tweeny
I spot an Ikea dresser! Love these headboards. I have this dresser although in our shared room we use two of the taller version. I wonder if my girls could get away with sharing this one instead? Hmmm
This room from The Creative Exchange is so lovely and very similar to our color scheme. The gold accents in here really have me inspired. It's tween, organized and bright. Love, love love. Click to see more.
I'm in awe of this room... and house. It's from the 2015 HGTV Dream Home and amazing. It's whimsical and very Alice in Wonderlandy. I'm not sure my kids would dig it but I do! This room has one giant dresser that two people could easily share. The layout is great and all the colors and patterns are fun. Probably too busy for our small rooms but still fun. There's more... click to see it via The House Of Turquoise.
Another amazing room tour (click to see the tour). This is via Project Nursery featuring mom of 4 Haneen's shared room for 2 of her daughters. The color scheme is beautiful and the artwork, frames and typography above the bed is such a nice touch. So sweet.
I think this is the one where my eldest would say Boom! Drop the mic! This shared teen room via The Little Farm Diary is perfect. Crisp, clean, divided with touches of whimsy. I see an Ikea chandelier that I already know my girls want in there room. There's more to see... a sitting and desk areas as well!
This one is a more teen than tween but still great. I can't seem to link directly to this pic on Dormify but once you find the Show Our Instagram photo (takes lots of scrolling to 4/15), the pic has shop links! Love that... a lot of work but still love the quick access to shop. Anyway, here again is the corner L-shape intersecting beds. Maybe the mass abundance of pillows would make this OK for my girls. It's so fluffy, light and bright.
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Rachael on Friday, 25 March 2016

Lovely rooms. Especially the pastel themed one.

Lovely rooms. Especially the pastel themed one.
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