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What's The Difference Between Telling And Tattling?

My first grader came home yesterday with a little printout sent home from the school. It was a chart about the difference between telling on someone and tattling on someone. I'm assuming it went out to everyone and wasn't specifically for my daughter because she's more of the peace-maker vs. the tattle tale. I thought this was a fantastic note to include the parents on because I often don't know the difference and find myself saying, "no one likes a tattle tale." It's nice to have something more constructive.

Here's a simple chart showing the difference between Telling & Tattling:

Telling Tattling
  • Purpose of telling is to keep people safe
  • it's important that it's a "now" problem
  • Someone is hurt or in danger
  • Need help from adult to solve
  • Behavior is on purpose
  • Purpose is to get someone in trouble
  • It's not important, problem can be solved later
  • No one is hurt or in danger
  • Can handle situation by self 
  • Behavior is accidental
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Saturday, 15 December 2018

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