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Experiment: When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Electricity!

Experiment: When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Electricity!

​Did you know fruit can power a light bulb? Or a clock? Well you do now because I just told you. You can pass that on to your kiddo or even better, let them create their own light! While us moms proudly say "I leaned it on a mom blog" our kids would much rather not declare that resource

We learned this though experiments with the help of our Stem Box ( Stem Box's are monthly subscription science experiment kits for girls (aimed at girls aged 7-14). Our kit came with pretty much everything we needed to get going. We just need to add fruit (since they are perishable). This particular kit was supported by Green Works so included and to help clean up any experiment messes was a bottle of lovely cleaning wipes.

The goal: light up a light bulb with lemons

On the first cloudy boring day of the summer, Audrey dove right in. She hopped up on the counter, pilfered my lemons and went to work. Needless to say I didn't get to make fresh lemon drops that evening but it was worth the sacrifice. Supplied were copper wires with clips, zinc nails and 3 light bulbs. Each lemon needed on nail and one wire. Audrey got lots of aggression out during this "stabbing" process. 

Next she clipped the lemons together alternating nail to wire (positive to negative) ending at the light bulb. The bulb lit up! While I was still sad over the loss of my evening cocktail, it was still really cool.

Next she moved on to Heebie Jeebies fruit powered alarm clock. You just stick the clock into fruit, set it and done. No battery! I'd be a little leary of leaving fruit to mold up in my kids room so thankfully the clock can run off water (the small red base by her fingers in the pic above can hold a little water to power it and hold it upright).

When we were done, we used the Green Works wipes to clean everything up so we could bag it and pass it on to a friend. Let the experimenting continue!

We can't forget the stickers & cute pin! My kids love little things like this. Our Stem box also had two large stickers and a lemon power pin. Gotta love those details! I'm a fan of subscription boxes. It's always such a surprise what you'll get. My Stem Box is very good about posting what's upcomming for those who don't like surprises. And you can gift boxes too! Find out more and sign up for your stem box at

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