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Big Bouffant Is Big Fun

Big Bouffant by Kate Hosford

You wouldn't think a book about a sassy girl and her hair would fall into the adventure genre but to many young girls, finding the perfect do is one of the biggest adventures of them all. As a girl who grew up in the era of perms and big fluffy bangs, I certainly remember how important hair was and the hours I would spend every morning getting it right.

Big Bouffant, written by Kate Hosford and beautifully illustrated by Holly Clifton-Brown, is a quirky tale about Annabelle and her quest for uniqueness. She doesn't want to wear ponytails and braids like her fellow classmates and so she sets out for not only something better but something bigger.

My girls and I love this book. Especially my four year old who so far is my most unique child. She always wants to read the "big hair" book and asks me to do her hair like Annabelle's. Get it for $12.71 @ LernerBooks.Com

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Saturday, 15 December 2018

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