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Divide & Conquer: Baby Closet Hanger Dividers {Buy, Download or DYI}

Clothing Dividers: Pictured Potato Patch Woodland Forest Friends

A few years back I tackled organizing my daughters closet by mimicking what works... clothing racks at the store. You know how they have those clothing dividers that separate newborn clothes from 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months and so on? I found some, organized a whole years worth of close all ready for my daughter to grow into in her closet and of course blogged about it.

Back then, I could only find one brand of what I would call cute. It was hard to find but I was on a mission. It's my thing and the vision behind my blog. Take an everyday baby necessity and find a hipper version. There is always a cooler one out there. You just have to dig.

Baby & Kid Closet Hanger Dividers

DIY! Printable Owl Baby Clothing Dividers by IDidItMyself on Etsy

Pictured above: Woodland Forest Friends Closet Dividers - set of 5 ($13.50); Owl Boutique Digital Closet Dividers - download & print ($2.99).

Since I am again organizing a nursery closet, I am revisiting my closet divider strategy in a round up. It's a lot easier now because there are so many more choices for cute dividers in all sorts of styles.

Closet Clarity Baby Closet Dividers

Closet Clarity Baby Closet Dividers. Blue, pink and yellow

Sugarbooger Closet Dividers

 Pictured above: Closet Clarity Baby Closet Dividers - set of 5 with 20 removable labels ($19.99), SugarBooger Closet Dividers - set of 5 with three sets of stickers to organize by age range, clothing type, or day of the week ($12).

PaperBanner UPCYCLED Blue Boy's double sided dividers

Pictured above: UPCYCLED Blue Boy's double sided dividers - set of 4 ($12); 

If you're feeling crafty, here are a few DIY tutorials for closet dividers that I found:

You can find some blank plastic dividers at The Container Store for 99¢ each.

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