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Home Chef: Menu's Planned, Portioned & Delivered

Home Chef: Menu's Planned, Portioned & Delivered

If you watch TV at all lately you've probably seen a commercial for a home delivery meal service. There are several out there mostly offering a combo of meal planning/meal deliver that lets you skip the grocery store and have pre-planned and portioned meals delivered to your door; ready for you to cook. As a mom this is quite appealing because it doesn't remove me from the equation of preparing dinner for my family, it simply streamlines the process so I look like a champ! I've been so eager to try one and finally dove in with Home Chef.

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Disclaimer: I signed up for Home Chef as a regular user & paid for my meals but have since become an affiliate. Affiliate links have been applied to this post. All opinions are still my own and reflect my experience as a regular user.

Signing Up For Home Chef

Right from the get go I liked Home Chef. Their website, mobile site and app are easy to navigate, filled with yummy photos of the food and getting the hang of it was a breeze. I was signing up for Home Chef to simplify dinners so was relieved that the sign up and ordering process aided that. No cumbersome forms or anything like that. It was quick and painless. Actually it was fun. I felt organized!

Discount!  Get your meals for $4.95 a plate when you sign up for Home Chef here (that's up to $30 off!).

How Much Does It Cost?

All Home Chef meals are priced at $9.95 per serving. Delivery is free for orders over $45! Shipping is $10 for orders less than $45.

Set Up & Ordering

To get going, you take a quick quiz about your meal preferences. You can avoid certain foods like gluten, nuts, soy, etc. and target your meals to have them lower carb or vegetarian. It's very flexible and you can always update/change your preferences. I like low carb/no meat but hubby likes extra carbs & meat. See my tip at the end to solve this. You then select how many meals you'd like for the week and for how many people.

Based on your survey a few meals will be suggested (which were spot on for us) but you can browse the rest of menu and make any changes you'd like. Ordering is flexible. The minimum portion order for any meal is 2 but you can edit if you want 3 meals a week, 4, etc.

Weeks are skipable! If you don't need meals next week, you can skip a week and not be charged. You just need to skip by a certain time (12pm CST on the Friday prior to the scheduled delivery day) to avoid charges and next weeks delivery.

For this particular week ​I planned 2 meals for 4 people each. Sirloin Steak w/Blue Cheese & Compound Butter and Turkey & Butternut Squash Chili.

Yes, I do have a family of 6 but 2 of my kids are beyond picky eaters so I knew unless I was ordering smoothies for every meal (which is an option) the other two weren't going to touch it. I chose for the 4 of us "eaters". There's enough food so in the off chance my non-eaters want to try something, they still can.

We have very busy evening schedules w/4 kids playing sports so sadly even planning 2 meals was tricky. But this challenge turned out to be a positive and unexpected bonus- having our meals pre-planned and already in the fridge forced me to make family time more of a priority. We even got grandma over for one of the meals (I don't eat steak so we had one to share).

Delivery Day

I received my giant Home Chef box pretty early in the day. It was before 10 am. The box had a thick padding layer as well as tons of ice bags. It was cold for another day after I opened it! As you can see from the picks above, each meal is very well labeled and separated. Everything  went into fridge because we weren't going to be home that night.

The Binder

​Your first delivery comes with a Home Chef 3 hole punch binder. This is so great. It turns so your full color instruction pages into a cookbook! 

Each meal comes with an instruction sheet. The sheet tells you what's in the box (ingredients), step by step how to prepare your meal and any tips. With photos of course. It's very well organized and since each ingredient is already portioned, you just need to wash, prep and cook. It is still legit cooking but goes so much faster.

The Prep

The majority of the work is already done once you un-box your meal. Having every item individually packaged and portioned makes for quick work when it comes to meal prep. You basically just wash and cut. Maybe mix. You're still getting your hands dirty, which makes it cooking, but it's fast.

The Meal

Cooking the steak was a breeze. Mostly because I was drinking a glass of wine watching my husband & daughter do it. I did, however, occasionally jump in to take pictures. I'm pretty sure that was part of the instructions. I'm not a steak eater so this was Hubs meal! 

We under portioned our servings and had a bunch of leftovers. The plate above could have had double the sides. And blue cheese garlic butter!

Start to finish this was about a half an hour... taking our time. My husband doesn't normally get excited about food but he really liked this. He was happy to take over and having everything all ready for him made it easy for me to pass off with no guilt. My daughter loved it. She even tried some veggies!

Picky eater tip! ​For my family, it's very rare for 6, let alone 4 people, to like 1 thing. Outside of pizza. So having meal portions for 4 is even too many. My settings on Home Chef are for the smaller portion possible but I pick more meals. We get more variety this way but will have to cook twice as much. That's how we roll though!

The downside to this trick is that portions have to remain consistent for each meal per week. Meaning if you order a portion of 2 for one meal, every meal that week has to be for 2. That's the only thing that I couldn't seem to tweak. You can't set portion quantity separately per meal for that week. It does keep it simple though. One less setting!

Discount! Get your meals for $4.95 a plate when you sign up for Home Chef here (that's up to $30 off!).

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Alanta on Friday, 31 March 2017

It looks like delicious! :p. I will try it in this weekend!
Thanks for sharing Karen!

It looks like delicious! :p. I will try it in this weekend! Thanks for sharing Karen!
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