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Hip Peas Hair Balm For Kids

Did you watch Blow Out? The reality show with Jonathan Antin that used to be on Bravo? Well, of course I did and ended up buying the product he was pushing the most called Dirt. It was a hair balm that gunked up your hair so you could style it better and was the first time I had used a balm like that. My son used to love using it and since I just had my one little one, I didn't mind sharing. Now with 4 little heads of hair... they need their own gunk and one that smells like it's made for kids. No more Dirt!

So, we've discovered Hip Peas. This delicious (smelling not tasting) natural KIDS hair balm is free of parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, and sulfates . I feel a lot better giving them a made-for-kids product that's safe for them and the environment. Plus my son and my girls can use it.

After searching without success for a child-friendly product to help, I decided to create my own. With a bachelor’s in biomedical science, a master’s in health care administration, and my “street knowledge” as a conscious mom, I knew I had the scientific expertise, health-focused business training, and passion for the subject to pull it off.

It's been very handy giving my sons bad haircut *sorry Alex* a little spiky, textured boost and great for helping smooth my girls buns before I send them off to ballet. $11.95 @ Hip-Peas.Com

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Saturday, 15 December 2018

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